The Fly
Dir: David Cronenberg
David Cronenberg was preparing to shoot 'Total Recall' when Mel Brooks, the famous director/actor/comedian was putting together 'The Fly'.
But when Cronenberg left 'Total Recall', he was immediately signed up for 'The Fly'
A script existed, written by Charles Pogue, based on the 1958 'The Fly' starring Vincent Price.

Cronenberg rewrote the script almost from scratch, but insisted during Writers Guild arbitrations that he and Pogue share screenplay credit, since he felt that his version could not have come to pass without Pogue's script.

Cronenberg brought his usual crew to the film.

Chris Walas, who had created the gremlins for 'Gremlins' created the special make-up and creature effects.

'The Fly', in spite of being a gory, horror film pleased both the critics and audiences.

It was clearly created with intelligence.
The sad fact of so many horror films is that they are so often 'dumb'.
There are very few directors who embrace the horror genre as anything other than a stepping stone to more 'serious' work.
But Cronenberg made 'The Fly' with such sincerity and credibility that he infects the audience with his passion.

When the film came out, many commentators tried to read it as a metaphor for something much deeper, even a metaphor for AIDS.
Cronenberg responded, 'I don't take any offense that people see that in my movie. For me, though, there was something about The Fly story that was much more universal to me: aging and death--something all of us have to deal with'

His comment reminds us that 'horror' is a serious business. It strikes us at the very core of our sub-conscious, feeding of our primeval fears of death, capture, injury, torture, pain, and loss.

When horror is done well, it is a genre that can be powerful and meaningful.

Cronenberg shows us that it is possible to make a horror film that works on a number of levels, providing sensory, emotional, and mental stimulation in a way that can not only please critics, but also appeal to the popcorn munching masses.

Paul Spurrier